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This Terms of Agreement (“Agreement”) created as a legally binding terms of your use of the Vnetwork Solution Services. URL – www.VnetworkSolution.com  has been set up and owned ,promoted, and is maintained, by ” VNETWORK SOLUTION ” . This T&C agreement is between Vnetwork Solution and all Customers/Client who are taking our services, By using the our Services, you are agree to be bounded by this Agreement, You are only authorized to use the Vnetwork Solution Services if you are agreed to abide all applicable laws and this Agreement.

Below are the legal terms and conditions Agreement which guide our activities at VNETWORK SOLUTION.


  1. We Vnetwork Solution do provide you website developing, designing, graphics logo banner business card designing, Digital marketing, SEO, Social Media Advertising Services.
  1. We need to all the required document before start any project work, So, you must have to give required documents in time.
  1. We collect client details like Personal information or Business information for legal purposes before start any project.
  1. You must have to keep in mind that doing fraud illegal things, run illegal business through online, we Vnetwork Solution is not responsible for that.
  1. We Vnetwork Solution have the right to terminated service anytime, if we see you are running fraud business and if we get any complain. We take legal steps any time.
  1. You must sure that we are not to be held liable for whatever loss that will occur when must you have bought one of our services. This is based on the fact that businesses have lots of variables to succeed and as such we may not be responsible for such loss as you must have confirmed that we have played our parts to perfection.
  1. The above is also because of the fact that we have built your application according to your specification with all the features that you might have asked for.
  1. In the case of software development, whatever software that you may want to bring and give to our engineers, that you have the license and that you have not breached any legal terms of any company to have access to such software.
  1. When hiring or contracting us for our services, you must also ensure that you have followed due process and company procedures to make such happen. This is done with a view to knowing our genuine customers and which services they have ordered for so as to do a proper follow up.
  1. In the case of services rendered but not to your satisfaction, we will not make any refund as that may not be necessary. Instead, what we will do is to have such job to be done again according to your specification. In a nutshell, there won’t be any refund of money.
  1. Vnetwork solution is not to be held responsible for any loss that may arise as a result of the negligence arising from the use of such item by a third party.
  1. There will be no refund for readymade script/software because we give you all demo of readymade script and you will see all there in the script/software, So you get same thing as show in demo, i.e you have to see all the demo of the script/software you are looking for and then you move to purchase.
  1. Advertising and Digital Marketing POLICY – We do setup Advertisement as per client requirement, By using our Advertising Service, You / Client should give proper services to your customers. We / Vnetwork Solution is not responsible for any Fraud Advertisement, Improper Service, Fraud Business, illegal Activity from client end, so you must Aware of that.
  1. We have the right to terminate any contract once we notice any kind of fraudulent activity by a client.
  1. Our relationship between us and our clients will be completely legal and as such may only involve strictly to any business services that we are handling and nothing personal or extra.
  1. Vnetwork Solution may modify this Agreement from any time and it shall be effective when an official post published on www.Vnetworksolution.com website. You are agree and bounded every modification to this Agreement when you use Vnetwork Solution Services.
  1. You may not post, distribute or reproduce in any way any copyrighted materials trademarks or other proprietary such as contents, code, source logos etc, information without obtaining the prior written consent of the owner of such proprietary rights.

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By taking our services and running smoothly, means you are agree to all our terms and conditions Agreement. And you are bound to give correct information and will not break any terms.

Thank you, for choosing VNETWORK SOLUTION services.

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