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IT Company A Complete Guide To Its Development

Focused on developing segments in the IT market of new products and technological services, the operation of an IT company is uncertain and marked by an intense workflow.

IT Companies By Li Creative prepared this comprehensive guide for the broad development of your IT company. Good reading! Thus, an IT manager must not only focus on delivering the best solutions to the market but also on managing people and thinking about development strategies for a peculiar and different business model. 

Although it has a more complex routine and intense production processes, an IT company requires effective management tools, whether to engage customers, increase productivity, or generate innovation. The good news is that the work of Information Technology managers will bear many good fruits! In recent years, the IT market is on the rise, and projects in the area have been gaining increasing space.

Such relevance occurs because entrepreneurs are increasingly aware of the importance of working with project orientation. Even with the ostensibility of the sector, many companies in the segment still operate in an unsatisfactory manner, due to a failed management or inability to deliver in line with customer expectations.

If you are an IT manager and want to leverage the results of your business, it is better to continue reading.

At a time when the economic scenario still inspires care and generates uncertainty for entrepreneurship, an IT company has many reasons to celebrate. According to the manager, there are very promising segments in the IT market! The Cloud, for example, is the fastest-growing. The projection is 36% for this year. The Datacenter grows less, but is still quite significant, with a projection of 9%. On the occasion, studies pointed out that, to make money from your IT company, the recipe is simple! It is enough for the entrepreneur to attack in the right market, with the right products, at the right time, knowing his competitors well, establishing strategic partnerships, and investing in an assertive portfolio.

Strategic management for an IT company

An IT company has peculiarities that other companies do not, such as the high complexity of deliveries and very unexpected demands.

For this reason, it is essential to transform its management models in a way that they serve more effectively in an environment of extreme competitiveness and constant changes.

The management of an IT company needs to be marked by innovation, as its business needs to adapt quickly to market changes. A traditionalist model of management rarely contributes to a dynamic environment like that of technology companies.

Thus, looking for models better suited to this reality has been one of the great challenges for many entrepreneurs. We separate the two management models most used by Brazilian technology companies.

ITIL – Information Technology Infrastructure Library

This is the management model most adopted by technology companies. The goal of ITIL is to build high-quality processes and efficiency with a customer focus.

Based on best market practices, grouped into 26 disciplines and five volumes, ITIL is independent of technologies to be applied and considerably improves internal controls to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction, delivering more than products, delivering value to you.

ITIL, therefore, is a library composed of good practices for managing IT services. It is identified as one of the most suitable frameworks for managing services for IT departments.

Balanced Scorecard – BSC

The BSC (Balanced Scorecard) is a methodology that confronts the business strategy with its performance, developing key performance indicators (KPIs) for the company.

The BSC is based on four integrated business perspectives: 

  • Finance, 
  • Customers, 
  • Internal processes, 
  • Learning and growth.

Financial: in this perspective, the objective is to create new performance indicators for a company to obtain a better return on its investments.

Customers: this perspective presupposes definitions about the market and the segment in which your company wants to operate. Here the mission is to monitor the way the company generates value for the customer, defining satisfaction indicators, and working for these results.

Internal processes: here the mission is to identify if there are problems with products if they were delivered on time and seek innovation for production, to meet customer needs and seek credibility in the market. There is a mapping of investment in equipment, courses, research, and human resources.

Learning and growth: the objective is to develop measures to improve the information system and the dissemination of knowledge in the company to grow even more.

As the BSC is a methodology that accompanies the entire management of the company, it is possible to identify the past and predict future trends, giving greater competition.

The BSC highlights the organization’s strategies and the IT area needs to be aligned by creating a tactical plan that takes into account the goals defined by top management in terms of vision, mission, objectives, and indicators.



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