Best Web Hosting Company In India

Web Hosting Company In India

At present, there are many hosting companies in the Indian market. If you search on Google or Yahoo, you will get lists of web hosting companies in India that offer web hosting services at cheap and reliable price range. Finding a good & Best web hosting company in India can take a lot of time and money.

We have managed hundreds of websites for our clients from small and large industries. Using our first-hand experience, we analyzed all hosting options and reduced them to the best webhosting.

We have broken down the best options to use each one, and our method to choose the best web hosting company in India.

Top Web Hosting Companies in India

Check the overview description of the Top web hosting companies in India that have worked very fast and keep your website running smoothly and guarantees a good up-time of 99.9% with easy setup.

RankingCompany NameStarting PriceWebsite
1HostingerRs 59/- Per MonthGet This Deal
2MilesWebRs 40/- Per MonthGet This Deal
3Blue HostRs 199/- Per MonthGet This Deal
4a2 HostingRs 220.29/- Per MonthGet This Deal
5SiteGroundRs 515.22/- Per MonthGet This Deal
6Inmotion HostingRs 441.51/- Per MonthGet This Deal

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1. Hostinger

Hostinger Logo

Price Starts INR 59/- per month
SSD Diskspace
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
24x7x365 Support

Hostinger International LTD founded in 2004 and has multiple headquarters in Kaunas, Lithuania, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, FlorianĂłpolis, and Brazil.

Hostinger.com is a Domain Register & Web Hosting services provider company they use cloud-based web hosting technology which becoming more popular in today’s market.

The company now has crossed 29 million users from 178 countries. They have data centers in the US, UK, Netherlands, Singapore, Lithuania, Indonesia, and Brazil. Hostinger is the fastest-growing Best Web Hosting company in India.

Best Web Hosting Company in India

Hostinger Landing

Single Hosting Plan: Host One Single Website / 1x Processing Power & Memory / 10 GB Disk space / 100GB Bandwidth it’s good for any startup business website or blogger.

Premium Hosting Plan: Host Unlimited Websites / 2x more Processing Power & Memory / 20GB Disk space / Unlimited Bandwidth / Get a Free Domain Name in this plan.

Business Hosting Plan: Host Unlimited Websites / 4x Processing Power & Memory which is fast / 30 GB Disk space / Unlimited Bandwidth / Extra features Daily Backup / SSL Certificate & Free Domain Name.

2. MilesWeb

Milesweb Logo

Price Starts INR 40/- per month
SSD Diskspace
Unlimited Bandwidth
Free Lets Encrypt SSL Certificate
24Ă—7 Support

MilesWeb is one of the best and fastest growing best web hosting company in India established in 2012, that offers best in class server resources and reasonable pricing for all their hosting plans.

MilesWeb has around 16k+ trusted clients that are hosted with them. Their migration process is painless which means you don’t have to worry about it. You get a global datacenter option which means you can select the server location of your choice. They guarantee an uptime of 99.95%. 

They have amazing 24Ă—7 support and powerful servers that help your site to achieve great performance.

Unlimited Web Hosting in India

Milesweb Landing

Tyro Hosting Plan: Host One Single Website / 1 GB SSD Disk space / Unlimited Bandwidth / Website Builder it’s good for any startup business.

Swift Hosting Plan: Host One Single Website / Get a Free Domain Name in this plan / Unlimited SSD Disk space / Unlimited Bandwidth / Website Builder.

Turbo Hosting Plan: Host Unlimited Website / Free Domain Name / Unlimited SSD Disk space / Unlimited Bandwidth / Website Builder.

3. Bluehost

Bluehost Logo

Price Starts INR 199/- per month
SSD Diskspace
Unlimited Bandwidth
Free Lets Encrypt SSL Certificate
24Ă—7 Support

Bluehost is one of the largest web hosting company in India maintain and owned by Endurance International Group. Blue host hosted over 2 million domains.

Bluehost was one of those studied in the analysis of web hosting services in collaborative online learning programs. The company operates its servers from Provo, Utah. 

Bluehost provides advanced web hosting integrated admin panel (with cPanel) that makes setting up and managing websites very easy.

Best Web Hosting Services in 2020

Bluehost Landing

Basic Hosting Plan: Host One Single Website / 50GB SSD Storage / Unlimited Bandwidth / Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate.

Plus Hosting Plan: Host Unlimited Website / Unlimited SSD Storage / Unlimited Bandwidth / Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate.

Choice Plus Hosting Plan: Host Unlimited Website / Unlimited SSD Storage / Unlimited Bandwidth / Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate / Domain Privacy Protection / Website Backup by CodeGuard.

Pro Hosting Plan: Host Unlimited Website / Unlimited SSD Storage / Unlimited Bandwidth / High Server Speed / Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate / Domain Privacy Protection / Website Backup by CodeGuard / Dedicated IP.

You will get free marketing credits with all above mention web hosting plans – $100 for Microsoft Advertising and $100 for Google Ads when you spend your first $25 on a new Microsoft Advertising and Google Ads account.

4. a2 Hosting


Price Starts INR 220.29/- monthly
Unlimited SSD Diskspace
Unlimited Bandwidth
Free SSL Certificate (HTTPS via Let’s Encrypt)
Cloudflare Free CDN
99.9% Uptime Commitment
24/7/365 Guru Crew Support

a2 Hosting is the fast-growing web hosting company in India established in 2001, created by Bryan Muthig (CEO) with his friend, they start with a two-bedroom office in Ann Arbor, Michigan to choose the best members of equipment and data centers located throughout the world. They now have their data centers in Amsterdam and Singapore.

A2 Hosting became one of the first web hosting companies in 2014 July to support PHP 5, In November 2014 they launched the Turbo server that offers page loads up to 20 times faster than competing hosts.

Powerful Web Hosting Company in India


All the below mention three plans come with Unlimited SSD Diskspace, Unlimited Bandwidth, Free SSL Certificate (HTTPS via Let’s Encrypt), Cloudflare Free CDN, 99.9% Uptime Commitment, 24/7/365 Guru Crew Support and 30 days Money Back Guarantee.

LITE plan: you host only one website

SWIFT plan: you host unlimited website with free automatic Back-Up

Turbo Plan: you get Turbo Speed Web Hosting (Up To 20X Faster)

Extra Freebies you get with all plans – Bing Ads credit for promoting your website and website listing In Google In 24 Hours by Attracta.

5. SiteGround

Siteground Logo

Price Starts INR 515.22/- per month
SSD Diskspace
Unlimited Bandwidth
SSL Certificate
Free CDN
Free Daily Backups
24Ă—7 Support

Siteground was established on 22 March 2004 as an independent web hosting company in India, based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Site Ground is a company that offers high-quality WordPress hosting services.

SiteGround serves over 1,800,000 domains worldwide. They have 5 data centers in 4 countries – the United States, Netherlands, UK, and Singapore. Siteground take care of every customer’s data with passion, dedication, and expert team.

Best WordPress Hosting in India

Siteground Landing

StartUp Hosting Plan: Host One Single Website / 10GB SSD Web Space / 10000 Monthly Visits Bandwidth.

GrowBig Hosting Plan: Host Unlimited Website / 20GB SSD Web Space / 25000 Monthly Visits Bandwidth / Free Website Transfer / Fast Speed Web Server.

GoGeek Hosting Plan: Host Unlimited Website / 30GB SSD Web Space / 100000 Monthly Visits Bandwidth / Free Website Transfer / Fast Speed Web Server / Advanced Priority Support / White-Level Website Management.

Extra Additional Features You get SSL Certificate Free / On-Demand Backup / CDN with Cloudflare with GrowBig and GoGeek website hosting plans.

6. Inmotion Hosting

Inmotionhosting logo

Price Starts INR 441.51/- per month
SSD Diskspace 20x FASTER
Unlimited Bandwidth
Free SSL
Automatic Backups Available
DDoS Protection
24Ă—7 Support

Inmotion Hosting is an employee-owned that was founded in 2001. The company offers a wide range of web hosting services, including business class hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, and dedicated servers. It also offers custom web design for clients. 

InMotion Hosting webhosting network is based on Linux and Unix operating systems. The company maintains offices in Virginia and California. The company is ranked #20 in the U.S. 2015 market share. Fastest & Best Web Hosting Company in India

Fast web hosting in India

inmotionhosting landing

All the below mention three plans come with Unlimited Free SSD Diskspace, Unlimited Bandwidth, Free Domain Name, DDoS Protection, Free SSL, Hack Protection, Automatic Backups

Launch plan: you host 2 website

Power plan: you host up to 6 websites and you get 2x performance speed

Pro plan: you host unlimited websites and you get 4x more performance and pro-level support

Extra addon you get with all plans Website Builder, Free Advertising Credits, Visitor Statistics

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a sort of service that qualifies companies and individuals to publicize a website or a web page onto the Internet via the World Wide Web or “www”.Web hosts are suppliers of technologies required for web pages to be sighted on the internet.

Webhosting are companies that own servers that reserve their client’s website files. Website hosting is the service of rendering a storage domain for a website on the internet. After the website is formulated and it is visible and distinct on the internet, it can further be handily retrieved by different computers connected to the internet.

Web hosting refers to the buying of space in the server from web hosts for storing important documents that help in website processing and also for a successful website, it is also necessary to determine a relevant domain name, which refers to the address of the website.

Website Hosting

The websites are presented and documented on significant computers known as servers. HTML, CSS, and other additional media documents are uploaded on the servers and then the prompt and powerful computers help the files to be handy to all the individuals in all over the world. When a user wishes to explore a website, the user just assigns the web address in the browser and, after that, the browser requests to the server and server reinstates the assigned website which is demanded by the user.

Different types of website hosting

Website hosting is categorized into two major segments. On the one hand, web hosting is founded upon the configuration of the servers and on the other hand, it is dependent upon the access that one possesses with the server.

Website hosting in India is categorized into different types, such as Free Web Hosting, Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Cloud Hosting.

What is Free Web Hosting?

Free Web Hosting, as the name suggests is a non-paid form of webhosting assistance. Free web hosts furnish domains to everyone who is willing to establish a website, such as WordPress and blogging websites.

Websites developed through free web hosting invariably involves an additional domain name, after the original domain address. For example, the domain address will appear as, “thesitename.wordpress.com”.The only considerable benefit of free website hosting would be it’s a non-paid form of webhosting.

List of Free Web Hosting sites:

  1. OOOwebhost – Powered by Hostinger
  2. FreeHosting
  3. FreeHostia
  4. 5GBFree

What is Shared Web Hosting?

Shared hosting refers to the strategy in which the assistance provider assists web pages for various web sites, each possessing its own Internet domain address from a single web server. This process of hosting is typically the considerably economical alternative for hosting.

Shared hosting suggests that the website will share a manual server with one or numerous additional websites. Through the shared hosting, a server compiles several other indexes and is liable for serving up the data. Each consumer gets a segment of a server where their website indexes can be saved.

Shared servers can hosts hundreds of consumer at a time. Every client who uses the shared hosting portals server has access to the databases, monthly traffic and trade, disk capacity, email accounts, FTP or File Transfer Protocol accounts and also the further add-ons enlisted by the host. Configuration resources are also shared on request by clients on the web server, and each individual receives a proportion of every data from the RAM and CPU, and distinct components such as the single MySQL server, Apache server, and mail server.

In the shared hosting, the system provider is mainly responsible for supervising servers, launching server software, security updates, technological assistance, and further virtues of the assistance. Extensively servers are installed on the Linux operating system and LAMP. Several system providers provide Microsoft Windows-based or FreeBSD-based techniques. Server-side capabilities for either operating system have identical objectives, i.e., MySQL and various server-side programming languages, like mostly used PHP under Linux, or the proprietary SQL and ASP.NET programming language under Microsoft Windows.

Generally, shared hosting is inconvenient for users who need widespread software advancement besides what the hosting provider endorses. The loading time of shared web servers is comparatively slower than other servers. The web server can become overburdened by supplementary shared web sites. As the site starts up receiving traffic increment, the website might begin to slow down.

In shared servers knowing the neighbors absurd and also sometimes it may pose a risk to the website. Customizing options to the website is somewhat limited. And also, commonly, it is the most economical hosting alternative available, in terms of web hosting.

Shared hosting is naturally provided with a built-in control panel, which brings in the easiest way of management of the website. And most importantly no technological expenditure requires to be executed to the server, as it is generally incorporated by the host.

  • Hostinger Logo
  • Milesweb Logo
  • Bluehost Logo
  • A2hosting-Logo
  • Siteground Logo
  • Inmotion Hosting Logo

What Is VPS Web Hosting?

VPS is one of several types of web hosting technique for hosting a website. It stands for virtual private server website hosting. VPS hosting is a kind of virtual web server. VPS hosting surroundings impersonates a devoted server within a shared hosting domain. It practically acts as both shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

It is a type of hosting fitted for individuals who have evolved shared hosting where many web sites depend on an indifferent web server with shared hosting and have no assurance of aids. VPS authorizes limited users to share administered elements of hard drive slot, memory, and processor strength.

VPS carries out its independent manuscript of an operating system or the OS and the clients may have a user-level authorization to that operating system model. Consumers can install nearly any software that carries out on the operating system. 

VPS chiefly has restricted processor duration, RAM, and disk slot. VPS is utilized to reduce hardware expenses by combining a failover collection to a solo machine thus, reduces expenditures while delivering identical benefits. Server functions and characteristics are mainly manufactured to regulate single-handedly. 

Each individual on the VPS server has authorization to a virtual machine operating its own manuscript of the operating system. This authorizes clients utilizing VPS hosting to encounter compatible skills and execution to a dedicated server for their individual sites.

VPS hosting allows more power and control over the website, as the operating system doesn’t require to be shared with anyone, no further websites on the server potentially have authorization to other websites indexes. This also indicates that one has its own representatives of all server entreaties such as Apache, PHP, and MySQL. If the website requires to have any of these services customized, then changes can be made accordingly.

VPS ensures more custody over the website, for example, while installing server applications that need a system restart, it can be done at any momentum. Even though strategically the server is shared with other VPS servers, it can be restarted without impacting on anyone else’s servers. And most importantly, one has assigned proportions of RAM accessible at any period.

What is Dedicated Web Hosting?

Dedicated web hosting describes web hosting strategies that procure a dedicated server with dedicated aids to an individual client. In a shared hosting scheme, one prospect shares one platform with multiple prospects and in the VPS hosting scheme, the prospects share the equivalent machine but do not share the resources with other prospects of the same machine. Regardless, in a dedicated hosting scheme, the prospects rent out an entire server with all of its resources.

Dedicated hosting schemes are suitable for significant associations or websites with much-elevated traffic. It is very flexible as the clients have ultimate sovereignty, even the choices of the operating system, hardware etc. can be controlled by the consumer themselves. The consumers obtain maximum power and control of the server which authorizes them to confront their individual necessities.

The dedicated hosting strategies furthermore appear in organized and unorganized forms where the host can organize the server for the consumer in the possibility of any crises.

Utilizing dedicated hosting assistance proposes the advantages of outstanding performance, safety and security, email stability, and custody. Dedicated hosting enables improved security, extremely significant for the corporations dealing with delicate and diplomatic transactions and agreements over FTP or SSL.

Dedicated hosting also provides a unique IP address, which is primarily essential for a hefty regulating e-commerce site that requires SSL for credit card processing. It is naturally more expensive than other hosting schemes.

What is Cloud web hosting?

Cloud web hosting is a kind of website hosting that operates various web servers for stabilizing the pressure and maximizing uptime, which means even if one server ceases to function, another rushes in to conserve everything running.

Cloud hosting is a web server and web configuration that manipulates software to allocate a sole manual server into considerable virtual servers or frequently known as virtual machines.

Cloud web hosting is comparatively cost-effective, it is easy to scale the server resources, it has a higher uptime inbuilt. It’s secure, and faster and delivers higher performance and it includes an easily manageable web server.

A few different types of cloud hosting are present, such as Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud.

  1. Public Cloud: Public Cloud is commonly set up by the user through a control panel. It can easily be established and also discontinued by the users without seeking any major help. Public cloud can be used for website hosting, forex trading, development servers, WordPress hosting, document storage and sharing, e-commerce, Cloud databases, e-mail servers, file backups, etc.
  2. Private Cloud: Private Cloud and also known as private virtualization, delivers the resemblance features as the Public Cloud, but with the additional protection of dedicated hardware. 
  3. Hybrid Cloud: Hybrid Cloud offers the best of both. For every diplomatic and vital database, a custom-made Private Cloud domain and for growing domains and a slighter crucial database, like client-facing web sites, can be skillfully supervised in Public Cloud. This kind of hybrid domain is extremely helpful when incorporated with developing technologies.

Difference Between Shared Hosting & Cloud Hosting

The dissimilarities in the cloud web hosting and shared web hosting services are significant. Between shared and cloud web hosting, both the schemes have a similar level motive, conveying primary webhosting roles, but via an entirely distinct approach.

Following are the differences between shared web hosting and cloud web hosting:

  1. Shared hosting servers include numerous websites on each server. Cloud web hosting is a scheme or service that prevails on multiple servers.
  2. Shared web hosting is more inexpensive than cloud web hosting as it is more expensive.
  3. Shared website hosting is less prudent whereas shared web hosting is more secure and easier to scale.  
  4. Websites of shared web hosting cannot assist a vast figure of guests at a time because of having a limited proportion of processing power and capacity of the storage. Whereas in cloud hosting, websites can attend to a large figure of guests at a time as the storage capacity and processing power is extensively loftier.
  5. Shared hosting is less quick as described in relation to cloud hosting for having less number of server deployed. Hence, cloud hosting naturally outperforms shared hosting.

Difference Between VPS Hosting & Dedicated Hosting

There are plenty of resemblances between VPS web hosting and dedicated web hosting as both choices present absolute control over the hosting domain, mainly focusing on the software that is initiated. Both alternatives propose the possibility of obtaining the specifications that one hopes for when it gets to hardware.

A VPS strategy can be called as a replica version of a dedicated strategy. VPS strategies are structured like a shared plan but it functions as a dedicated server. It formulates an odds to experiment with the abundant bonus of hosting possibilities, a dedicated server without the expense.

But there are sample differences between VPS hosting and dedicated hosting Following are some significant differences between the VPS web hosting and dedicated web hosting:

  1. VPS website hosting strategies are comparatively inexpensive than dedicated web hosting strategies.
  2. VPS web hosting beholds uncertain resource thresholds with the likelihood of utilizing resources of other websites’ on one’s server. whereas dedicated web hosting carries out vast resource thresholds that are flexible and can be altered month-on-month depending on one’s needs.
  3. VPS web hosting provides faster loading speeds unless several web sites on the server experience traffic rush. Dedicated website hosting ensures excellent rapid loading speed based on the resources accessible to the website.

How to find the Best Web Hosting in India?

Web hosting is a service strategy that allows institutions and individuals to publish an internet site or website onto the web. A website hosting service provider could be a corporation that possesses the technologies and assistance needed for a website or webpage to be perceived on the internet.

People always seek services that are provided with the earliest possibilities, which is inexpensive, has excellent performance and doesn’t cause any sudden crisis.

Best web hosting in India

Hostinger is the best web hosting service provider in India. People seek the best services at the most reasonable prices, but it’s also furthermore important to keep in mind that bigger expenses don’t mean promising quality.

Things to consider when choosing a Web Hosting Company in India:

To ensure the best web hosting company in India, one needs to be aware of a few factors. First and most importantly, one needs to know the objectives and goals of the website.

Secondly, contemplating the site-building and enclosing choices, and lastly, one needs to be aware of the key elements for the website, etc. It is also very important to have certain knowledge about the types of web hosting that are available.

The uptime of the webhosting provider is also a must-have, and also it is necessary to evaluate how many visitors are permitted by that hosting provider, bandwidth storage, and domains.

Which type of Web Hosting Service is right for you?

To assure the accuracy of choosing the perfect kind of webhosting it is very important to judge the goals and objectives of the website. Price, assistance, storage, and performance are all significant features when considering consumers’ perspectives.

Shared web hosting is incredible for minor to medium scale website as it is simpler and effective. VPS web hosting appeals more flexibility for rapidly growing websites. VPS consumers yet share a server, but each has extensively bigger percentages and extraordinary control than the shared hosting plans.

Dedicated web hosting proposes an utmost server resource and security. High-performing web sites require dedicated hosting, which includes using an entire server to strengthen the website. Consumers have comprehensive control over the infrastructure, a close gaze on security systems, operating systems, load balancers, and many more.

For determining the right website hosting for a web-page it is solely important to speculate the amount of expected traffic on the server. The type of website will specify which features are most important to have.


Web hosting is the spine of a website. It delivers detailed resources on which a website runs. It is very important to distinguish the right web hosting provider in India to assure that the website never goes beneath and is always performing without errors if any visitor visits it.

There are a lot of web hosting companies in India i.e., When it comes to web hosting packages, the technological characteristics of hosting service are very important, however, customer service / technical assistance is also equally essential.

To clarify, if a web hosting company in India is big or small, I think a great host package should supply each of the following:

  1. Value for money: therefore it is very economical
  2. High efficiency
  3. High-quality technical support and 24/7 customer service
  4. Money-back guarantee

Choose best web hosting Company in India

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