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Fast Ranking on Google There are Best SEO Techniques You may to Know

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Fast Ranking on Google There are Best SEO Techniques You may to Know

Step of SEO Techniques, Step by Step. In fact, this is the exact strategy your competitor ranked on Google’s first page for competing keywords such as page SEO, video, keyword research tools, and thousands of others.

You know the stuff I’m talking about, customize your title tag, share your content on social media, and publish great content. You need to do something completely different, which it really is.

Find an Opportunity Keyword

You’ve probably noticed that the first page of Google is full of more stuff than ever. For example, take a look for this keyword on the first page. You’ve got a bunch of ads, a special snippet, a question box and news results above the fold, which is why I now focus almost 100% on opportunity keywords.

So what is the opportunity keyword opportunity? Keywords are keywords that have a high click-through organic score. In other words, they are words that don’t have a bunch of stuff on their first page that distracts people from biological consequences. Let’s look at an example. Some time ago I created a page on my site that was optimized around SEO, SEO checklist and as it turns out, SEO checklist is an opportunity keyword. Yes, there are some visual advertisements on the page.

But it’s not really a big deal. This is actually a good thing because it shows that people are bidding on that keyword in Google ads. In addition, the first page is very clean, which means that the focus is on biological results. Bottom row, see search results before choosing keywords. If it is full of stuff, consider going for an opportunity keyword that has gone and will get you more clicks.

Check out the Content Competition

So you got an opportunity keyword. What will happen next? Well, most people whip in WordPress and start writing. But this is a really big mistake. In fact, that is what worked. Back in the day, I would write something that I think would rank in Google today. I know better today, I analyze the results on the first page to see what is already working.

In other words, my content competition, and once I figure out the type of content that Google wants to see for that keyword, then start creating content. For example, see the results of the first page for the keyword location desserts. As you can see, the results are a list of dessert recipes.

So if you want to rank for that keyword, you won’t want to write a blog post, such as whether someone makes a dessert. Instead, you want to list an SEO service. Regarding another example, one of my most important keywords is actually keyword research. And back in the day, when looking at the content that was ranking for that term, they noticed that they don’t list suggestions or strategies for finding keywords.

Create Content Different or Better

It comes to creating content for SEO. You have two main options, option number one, from which you can create something different. Option number two is to make something better.

I spend the most time explaining to you that you want to publish something, which is already better. Yet sometimes making something totally different makes more sense.  For example, a few months ago, I had the opportunity to do mobile SEO keywords.

And when I looked at the content competition, I noticed that most of the results were short posts, such as nine ways to optimize your site for mobile. Now it can create a huge list of posts, such as 150 ways to mobile-optimize your site. But it would not make any sense. In this case, it makes more sense to create something different. So that’s what I did.

I took two weeks to write this Ultimate Guide to Mobile Ultimatum. And because my content was already completely different, it really stood out, which led to tons of shares on social media back links and Google rankings, which as I mentioned earlier, you still create something which is directly better than before.

Optimize your site On Page SEO Techniques

Optimize your content for SEO. So instead of covering every single SEO Techniques strategy on the planet, I will concentrate on two techniques that are currently working very well.

Use Short URLs

When you analyzed a million Google results, we found a clear correlation between short URLs and higher Google rankings. So cut them down if your URLs happen to be super long, so they’re nice and short. Now to be clear, don’t changing your existing URLs because that can do more harm than good. Just make the new URLs short and sweet, instead. For example, my URLs are using usually just my keyword or my main keyword plus a word before or after it.

Internal linking

External links still operate but you’ve got to do it right. In particular, you want to connect pages that you want to rank from high authority pages on your web, those internal links will send authority to the pages that you want to rank, which didn’t give them a nice rankings booth. For example. Last year, published this post on site. And because the posts were brand new, it had absolutely zero authority. So you went over to this post on your site that lots of people had already linked to and add an internal link to my new post. That’s all there is to it.

Skyscraper SEO techniques

You may have already heard about the Skyscraper SEO techniques, content marketing and SEO approach that went viral a few years ago. Now, the original skyscraper technique is very quiet, but it does not cover anything super important to rank.

At Google today, search refers to what Google searchers search for when they search, and the better your content is than they intended, the higher rank you will receive. Let’s see how this works.

With a brief example, you wrote the post about getting more traffic when you first started your blog. And in general, it posted very well in terms of social shares and comments. But no matter what you did, it would rank for any keyword including my main keyword increase website traffic and one day, it hit me my page did not match the search intent for that keyword. Explain that much of the content on Google’s first page was traffic-tips and strategies to cut website traffic.


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